A Night in Cyprus – Simply Chill Out

Cyprus is an island, which since long has been known for its splendid beauty and simplicity. However what has not been realized by those checking out Cyprus among other holiday destinations, as a vacation option is the island’s special offering for those young at heart. Cyprus has an electrifying nightlife decorated with the elements of style and velocity. In the vicinity of the nature gifted island, lays a face unexpected to many yet a reality.

The overall picture portrayed about Cyprus is of a simple Island with welcoming people touching straight at heart. This color has not left the nightlife of Cyprus unaffected. The result is an interesting fusion of two opposite effects. The vibrancy meets the modest in Cyprus thus creating a unique air that makes you party with pleasure. The soothing atmosphere is for families, couples and for all those who are a party to fun. Gentle atmosphere with a high fashion statement is the phrase to sum it up.

The feel of the nightclubs, pubs and discs in Cyprus also changes with the region you are stating in. The capital Nicosia, presents an elegance in the air with those careful about what they wear, while Ayia Napa has offerings for the carefree lot who loves just partying around, on the other hand the beach night outs at Protaras and Polis have a quite evening for you with the best cocktails to sip through the night. Paphos carries its simplicity in parallel to ensure that you have just enough options to select from.

The Night Burners

All regions across the Cyprus Island have their own charm at late hours, yet it is the capital Nicosia and Ayia Napa district that steal the show for night birds. For the party freaks, the options here are many and enjoying through the night, almost a temptation to hard to resist. Both have their unique flavors to offer and a plenty of night out options to choose from. Few star ones from both locations are mentioned below for you to make your reservations in advance.

Ayia Napa’s Nightshade

A trendy night in Ayia Napa starts at about 8 pm and matures thereafter with every hour till about 8 in the morning. These 12 hours are completely different from what Cyprus day routine has in store. The music is buzzing and varies from one decade to another. In Ayia Napa there are places and music for all ages and moods. After splashing at electrifying clubs like Pzazz and Black White, there is River Reggae, which offers an outdoors-sitting perfect for summers and a poll to just relax, while the Organ Grinder takes you through the action in the main square.

The most hip hop night life location in Ayia Napa to be is Castle, has 3 – 4 dance floors all playing different beats. Then there is the Bedrock, a packed karaoke bar or the Ice Ku to plan your night out. The place has British population and be prepared for the excitement especially just after a rugby match.

Dress code – casual but the smartest casual you can pick from the wardrobe. The place is not meant for those covered from head to toe. Less the better!

Nicosia’s Night Collection

The capital city of Cyprus has patrons from across the globe. The most sophisticated corner of the island and literally the economic, political and administrative head of the region sure have imparted its touch to the night out options. Style with ease yet elegance as in Nicosia’s night out options cannot be witnessed elsewhere. The Cyprus cuisine and entertainment presented here at Nicosia are enough to turn your night up and add of dash of a different fun to the vacation.

While your stay at Nicosia, Laiki Yitonia deserves a visit. Nicosia basically presents the posh picture of Cyprus where there those smartly clad people with drinks and cigarettes carrying them off with ease. Few particularly popular name sin Nicosia include Zoo, Marco polo (serves food as well), Sfinakia, Hamam (famous for its colorful interiors and artwork), Oktana (an outdoor sitting restaurant) and Domus (a style setter).

Dress code – Wear anything that has a style statement of its own.

Other Places at Cyprus with Promised Yet Different Variety of Fun

Summer in Pafos rocks is a nice to place to be in, but as the name suggests, only in summers. It’s closed for the rest of the year. The local vibes at Larnaka can be felt at Circus. For tourists, Igunana too is a good option to check out. Paphos is the place to relax. A simple environment as characterised by Cyprus can be witnessed here in the bars and clubs that entertain all till usually three in the morning. The Island Blue Restaurant Bar, The Prince of Wales, Robin Hood Bar, Escape Club and Rainbow club are among good bars and clubs located in this area.

In addition to the already presented scoop of entertainment, there is live music for all the devotees. The local feel here can be gathered again with the local bands and musicians playing at various taverns. For a specialty like jazz, venues like La Habanera do the trick. The local music presenters cater to mainly the pop, rock or DJ variety, with a plenty in North Cyprus.

Cyprus Island has a variety of entertainment options for all, the island is safe and traveling at late hours is easy (provided you have your own conveyance, a rented car is recommended. Public transport in Cyprus is not frequent and completely unavailable at late hours). The island’s own entertainment culture entails eating out the traditional delicacy meze, listening to Bouzouki and spending days at Kafenos, the local coffee shop. Yet the culture has offerings for all in store. Different regions cater to different tastes form across the globe and a visit to Cyprus implicitly refers to complete fun with adventures rocking your day and entertainment brightening up your nights. The bars, clubs and restaurants all jazzy at nights certainly add the sparkle. So, pick your taste and satisfy your style at a vacation that is planned just for you.

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